Reflections of Lone Woman on the Boat


By Melba



  About the Author of Lone Woman on the Boat  

I first saw the ocean when I was nineteen and immediately and forever fell in love with it.

After I got married, I went sport fishing with my husband who had fished off the New Jersey coast with his father when he was a kid. We traveled up and down the Atlantic coast, starting in New Jersey at Barnegat, Point Pleasant and Cape May. We went to Massachusetts and fished from

Gloucester on Cape Ann and Provincetown on Cape Cod; we fished on a little dinghy at Nantucket Island. One summer, we drove to Nova Scotia and went fishing in a commercial fisherman's cod boat. We finally found Hatteras Island, North Carolina and fished for many years on charter boats. Fishing was a big part of my life.

Looking For Tranquility

I've made many journeys in my life. I left my hometown of Celina, Ohio (a small town in the middle of the cornfields) to go to the big city of St. Louis, Missouri for college.

I drove downtown early every Saturday morning to go to the St. Louis Soulard Farmer's market to buy fresh produce,


green beans, sweet corn and juicy red tomatoes. I think I was looking for the flavors that I grew up with; both sets of grandparents were farmers and planted a big garden every spring. I always bought fresh-cut flowers - zinnias and snapdragons and every August, beautiful stalks of gladiolas like my grandma always grew.

After college, I made a 15-mile trip every day on Interstate 64 out to my school to teach music. But the best journeys were the ones I made every summer when we left St. Louis and drove a million miles or so to the edge of the earth to a coastal town on the Atlantic Ocean and then went even further- out to sea on an offshore fishing boat.The blue water was a place of utter calm and tranquility. A place where there was peace with self and resonance of my soul with the universe. A place where the deep fathoms of blue water reflected their soothing quietness into the boat, into my life, into my heart. (Chapter 4; Journey into the Blue.)



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